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Machinery and equipment of Gusswerke Saarbrücken


Machinery and equipment of Gusswerke Saarbrücken
Gusswerke Saarbrücken GmbH
Kirchstraße 16
66130 Saarbrücken (Germany)

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Machinery and equipment of Gusswerke Saarbrücken

Machinery and equipment of Gusswerke Saarbrücken

Číslo nabídky: 15379

05/10/2020 + 06/10/2020

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    On behalf of the insolvency administratorwe are auctioning online against highest bid the machinery and equipment of the company Gusswerke Saarbrücken GmbH.

    Advance notice of the auction:

    Items and prices will follow in the next few days.

    05/10/2020 + 06/10/2020

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    • Detaily

      Viewing is currently only possible for larger systems. Please schedule your visit in advance. Inquiries via email:

      Online bidding will be possible soon.

      Approximately 1,800 items are put up for auction/sale. These include:
      CNC processing lines, GROB, G500, man. 2015 - 2017; 3 fully automatic core production lines, man. 2017; semi-automatic core production line (KSM16), man. 2015; CNC machining center, HELLER, Typ H 10000, man. 2016; automatic high pressure green sand molding machine, EISENWERKE WÜLFEL (Graue 1), man. 1967; automatic high pressure green sand molding machine (GF), GEORG FISCHER, man. 1987; automatic high pressure green sand molding machine, EISENWERKE WÜLFEL (Graue 2), man. 1974; dedusting / exhaust air and filter system, CTP, man. 2017; medium frequency induction melting furnaces, INDUCTOTHERM, man. 2001; powder coating system, RIPPERT, man. 2016; powder coating booth, GEMA, man. 2014; 2 6-axis painting robots, CMA, GR650 ST, man. 2014; 4 optical emission spectrometer, THERMO SCIENTIFIC, ARL iSPARK 8820 / ARL 3460 Advantage , man. 2010 - 2014; 3D coordinate measuring machine, ZEISS, Accura II AKTIV 9/14/8, man. 2011; hot wind cupola melting plant;, KGT, overhauled in 2019; core shooter, HOTTINGER, CB 32 HA/25, man. 2008; core shooter, HOTTINGER,CB 32 HVA/S, man. 2003; core shooter, LORAMENDI, SHAS-40+40, man. 1997; 4 core shooters, LORAMENDI, SLC-A 40L/CF, man. 2000 - 2002; tool presetter, ZOLLER, Venturion 450/6 (X-00310), man. 2018; CNC vertical machining center, HAAS, VM 3, man. 2015; 3 cast plaster manipulators, METATEC, man. 2014; core mounting line, LÄMPE, man. 2010; semi-automatic straight-cutting band saw, BEHRINGER, HBP 530, man. 2013; compressor, ATLAS COPCO, ZR 700 VSD, man. 2013; handling-robot, KUKA, KR1000 F titan, man. 2014; 1 lot of spare parts, consisting of: machine parts, mounting hardware, electrical material, etc.; various diesel forklifts, STILL, RX 70-80 + RX 70-50 LSP 600, man. 2016-2017; various electric forklifts, STILL, RX 60-50 LSP 600 / RX 50-15, man. 2017; 3 cleaning lines, fully automated high-bay warehouse, KÖHL, man. 2009; 1 lot of black cast racks; processing lines, aluminum casting system, dry ice blasting system, size / binder storage, laboratory equipment, mech. manufacturing, milling machines, lathes, welding machines, hand machines, high-frequency grinder, carpentry equipment, sand generation system, 1 lot of core frames, blasting system, fully automatic transfer system / processing line, robots, compressed air internal blasting system, continuous powder coating system, fire engine, MAN / SCHLINGMANN, TGL 8.180 4x2 BB with double cabin; office inventory; IT; etc.

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