High precision milling machines with a large capacity

High precision milling machines with a large capacity

High precision milling machines with a large capacity

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4. čtvrtletí 2021

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    An online auction and a private treaty sale will take place in cooperation with Hilco Industrial. Hilco sells the flexible manufacturing system. NETBID is auctioning the complete machining, cutting tools and factory equipment. From location Ruag, Altdorf (CH) As of site Ruag, Aldorf (CH)

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    4. čtvrtletí 2021

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    • Detaily

      Viewing is possible on 09 June 2021 in accordance with local Covid-19 regulations. Please schedule your visit in advance via e-mail to molgedey@netbid.com

      The usual protective rules, as well as the wearing of safety shoes, are imperative for the viewing.

      The collection of the auctioned items shall take place in the period from 15. June. - 25. June 2021. Large installations have a separate period. They will be allocated time slots after the auction ends.

      Online bidding is possible immediately.

      Dismantling / Loading:
      For enquiries about moving, lifting, transporting machines of all types and sizes, you can contact the following mail: schwergut@ete.ch
      Telefon number: +41 71 282 52 20
      Note on the request: RUAG Schattdorf (PN)

      Partnership: NETBID and Hilco Industrial have partnered up to auction off the outstanding range of high precision milling machines with a large capacity on site at Ruag, Aldorf (CH)
      This includes:

      • flexible machining system (FMS)
      • gantry machine centers
      • multiple CNC milling and turning machines
      • an extensive range of peripheral and work shop equipment
      Hilco represents the flexible machining system and the gantry machine centers.
      NETBID represents the CNC machines and the workshop equipment.

      The following items are put up for auction or private treaty sale. These include:

      Private Treaty via Hilco
      Flexible machining system, Waldrich Coburg, consting of:
      4 gantry machining centers, WALDRICH COBURG, 3x Multitec 2500 AP, built 01/02; 1x MasterTec 4000 AR-MR / NC, man. 2006; CNC machining center, DECKEL-MAHO, DMC 340 FD, man. 2006; CNC coordinate measuring machine, ZEISS, MMZ-G 30/60/20, man. 2006; shuttle system; chip disposal

      Online-Auction via NetBid
      CNC machining centers, DECKEL MAHO, DMC 340FD / DMC 200 FD, man. 07/08 + DMU 100 monoBLOCK, man. 09 + DMU 70 evo, man. 01 + DMU 80P, man. 00 + DMU 50 Eco, man. 09 + DMC 635V, man. 08; 2 CNC lathes, BOEHRINGER, VDF180 + HEYLIGENSTEDT, 24U / 2000; cylindrical grinding machine, KELLENBERGER, UR 175x1500; CNC surface grinding machine, FAVRETTO, MC160, man. 06; internal grinding machine, TRIPET, MAR200; center grinding machine, ZSM 1000; table boring machine, COLLET; 4 milling machines, DECKEL, FP1 / FP3; mechanics lathe, SCHAUBLIN; lathe, REIDEN, R200; band saw, MÖSSNER, record SSF 520; milling machine, FEHLMANN, Picomax 51; tool presetter -u. shrink device, PWB / HAIMER; large lot of cutting tools, SK50 / HSK100 with milling cutters; div. clamping means; 2 storage paternosters, LISTA; Lot of telescopic drawer cabinets, height measuring devices, granite measuring plates, work tables, shelves, etc.

      virtual tour:

    • Kontaktní osoba

      Nils Brinkmann, Tel. (+49) 040 355059-190, Email: brinkmann@netbid.com

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