Die casting equipment (Al/Mg) 480 - 1,050 t, Mechanical processing, toolmaking


Die casting equipment (Al/Mg) 480 - 1,050 t, Mechanical processing, toolmaking
Schweizer Group Global GmbH
Werk Murrhardt
71540 Murrhardt (Germany)

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Die casting equipment (Al/Mg) 480 - 1,050 t,
Mechanical processing, toolmaking

Die casting equipment (Al/Mg) 480 - 1,050 t, Mechanical processing, toolmaking

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2. čtvrtletí 2021

    Forma nabídky

    Online Projekt

    Due to a restructuring process we are selling online on behalf of the entitled parties released machinery and technical equipment in the fields of aluminum and magnesium die casting, mechanical production, toolmaking, peripherals, location: 71540 Murrhardt (Germany).

    In collaboration with:

    2. čtvrtletí 2021

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    • Detaily

      Due to the current Covid-19 situation, we only offer individual appointments for viewing.
      We therefore ask you to schedule your visit in advance by telephone on (+49) 040 355059-214.

      The collection of the auctioned items has to take place in the period from
      07.04. – 30.04.2021 after advance notification by telephone.
      Pre-registration by telephone with K.-H. Brinkmann on +49 171 3181881.

      The usual protective rules, as well as the wearing of safety shoes, are imperative for the viewing.

      In case of bid acceptance the items can be sold immediately.

      NETBID and Hilco Industrial have partnered up to auction off two decommissioned die casting factories from the Schweizer Group.
      These state of the art factories includes:

      • smelting shops
      • 15 aluminium die casting cells and 2 die casting cells for magnesium
      • a wide range of CNC milling and turning machines
      • an extensive range of work shop equipment
      Hilco represents the smelting shops and die-casting cells.
      NETBID represents the CNC machines and the workshop equipment.

      Approximately 60 items are put up for sale. These include:
      Private Treaty via Hilco
      9 die casting cells (Al/Mg), BÜHLER / WEINGARTEN, up to man. 2012, closing force 480 – 1.050 t; 4 aluminium melting furnaces, STRIKO / FEURO, up to man. 2015; radio spectrometer, SPECTRO;

      Online-Sale via NetBid
      11 CNC machining center, 3 x BROTHER TC-S2C man. 08/09, 4 x CHIRON DZ12KW + FZ12W + FZ18S up to man. 2011, 2 x DMG DMC104V Linear + DMU50T man. 04/02, 1 x HAAS TL-1HE man. 06, 1 x SW-EMAG BA322 man. 2011; 4 parts cleaning systems, ECO-PIL + ERDMANN + MAFAC + ROLL; 3 coordinate measuring machines, MITUTOYO, up to man. 2018; surface grinding machines; center and feed spindle lathes, MEUSER + WEILER; solid blasting equipment; radial/column drilling machines; vibratory finishing equipment; workshop equipment; industrial trucks, etc.

      For questions about the auction process:
      Nils Brinkmann, Tel. (+49) 040 355059-190, Email: brinkmann@netbid.com

      For technical questions:
      Thomas Schlieker, Tel. (+49) 040 355059-121, Email: schlieker@netbid.com
      Moritz Vieth, Tel. (+49) 040 355059-123, vieth@netbid.com

      virtual tour:

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