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Self-sufficient High-Tech Agriculture Farm


Self-sufficient High-Tech Agriculture Farm

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Self-sufficient High-Tech Agriculture Farm

Self-sufficient High-Tech Agriculture Farm

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4. čtvrtletí 2021

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    On behalf of the entitled party we are selling online against highest bid High-tech Agriculture Company with bio plant in Serbia.

    4. čtvrtletí 2021

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    • Detaily


      Viewing is possible at any time. Please schedule your visit at

      In case of bid acceptance the item can be sold immediately.

      The following items are put up for sale:

      COMPANY CONSIST OF 5 separate segments:

      • BIOENERGY PLANT; Total capacity is 1 MW/h x 24h x 365 days = 8.760.000 KW/h x 0,175 €/KW = 1.511.000 €. Electricity purchase agreement, signed with EPS for period of 12-years

      • CATTLE FARM; Total capacity 1600 – 2000 beef cattle. The farm is build according to latest agriculture technology standards.

      • PIG FARM; Total capacity of 700 sows and 20.000 growers. It is one of the highest-quality farms in this part of Europe. It has the status of a "nucleus" farm.

      • CHICKEN FARM; Total capacity of 175.000 broilers in one cycle, 6 cycles per year, which is approximately 2.500t of broilers per year.

      • AGRICULTURE LAND; The farm consists of agriculture land of approximately 1.400 ha, of which 434 ha are owned, 952 ha are rented on most fertile ground in region.

      The farms are designed and build according to the highest ecology and technology standards in this field, and are competend organized.

      Achieved Results and Revenue Streams


      • Company has active long-term contracts with buyers for cattle, pigs and broilers

      • 12 years contract for electricity with EPS, first invoice was issued in June 2019

      • Cogeneration with hot water for the whole farm (cost reduction)

      • 1.400 ha of cultivated land with active contracts for whole crop (290 ha with latest flood system)

      • Latest technology agriculture equipment in book value of 2,5 mio €


      • 100 ha of sour cherry first harvest in 2021

      • Packaging and selling of 10.000 t fertilizer

      • Possible increase of bioenergy plant to 1,5 MW (all documentation is ready)

      • Increase of rented agriculture land to 1.500 ha trough state decree of Serbia for animal husbandry

    • Kontaktní osoba

      Mr Ales Weiksler (German, English, Slovenian und Serbian speaking)

      Tel. +386 40 515 140

    High-tech Agriculture Company with bio plant