Feinmechanik- Entwurf und Herstellung

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Weisswerk Feinmechanik- Entwurf und Herstellung

Feinmechanik- Entwurf und Herstellung

Item no.: 09459

ending 19/01/2016

Start: 10:00

    Auction Type

    Online Project

    On behalf of entitled parties we are auctioning online against highest bid the well-maintained and not longer used machine tools and other accessories of the company Weisswerk Feinmechanik- Entwurf und Herstellung

    Date: 19 January 2016
    Start: 10:00

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      25 items are put up for auction:
      lathe, WEILER, Condor; centering/ jig drilling machine, IXION, BT 13; lathe/ thread cutting machine, WEILER, RDU 260/ 28; lathe, WEILER, MDU 260; section shear, MUBEA, KBL 11; 2 press brakes, JONESCHEIT, TAP 1060 / TAP 660; pillar drilling machine, FLOTT, SB 23, man. 1949; drill and thread cutting machine, IXION, BSS 13 GL; a.m.o.

    • Contact

      Nils Brinkmann Tel. (49) 040 35 50 59-190

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