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Inline Celltester, MANZ

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Inline Celltester, MANZ

Inline Celltester, MANZ

Item no.: 14159

December 2017

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    Online Project

    Due to technology exchange and expansion of production we are selling online against highest bid on behalf of the entitled parties an Inline Celltester, MANZ.

    December 2017

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    • Details

      Viewing is possible at any time by appointment!

      In case of bid acceptance the items can be sold immediately.

      This item is put up for sale:
      Inline Celltester, MANZ, ICT 2400, man. 2010, serial-no. 1000393, start up 2010

      Modules included:
      1. ICT 2400 Inline Cell Tester and Sorter
      2. Loading module from Manz Stack Box 100
      3. Basic testing unit
      a. Detection of geometry
      b. MANZ_MES interface for SECS/GEM
      4. Option: h.a.l.m-i/V curve measurement
      5. EL- measurement
      6. Colour measurement
      7. Front inspection
      8. Backside inspection
      9. Cell thickness measurement
      10. IR-Shunt measurement
      11. Classifying and sorting unit (Master)
      a. Classification and sorting in 12 bins (Manz-Box) with automatic discharge
      12. Additional sorting module for further 12 bins

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      Joachim Mink phone +49 172-7556576, Email:

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