well-maintained production machinery

Online-Sale well-maintained production machinery

well-maintained production machinery

Item no.: 14055

3nd quarter 2018

    Auction Type

    Online Project

    On behalf of the entitled party we are selling online against highest bid well-maintained production machines of the company:

    3nd quarter 2018

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      Viewing is possible at any time. Please schedule your visit at at

      In case of bid acceptance items can be sold immediately.

      Offer for Sale:

        Robot welding machine, CLOOS, R310 / LVEh-6m / QVE-2m / VVE-1,5 m / WPEK-50kN vertical stroke. man. 2002; spot welding machine , WMA SCHMIDT & BITTNER, WMP 100; welding system for roof plate , IGM, Combiniro, man. 2004; welding device production line , IGM, man. 1997

    • Contact

      Andreas Weinberger, (English and German speaking) Tel. +43 6991 6668262, Email:

    machines of the project (4)

    Die erste Position endet in 2T 09:25

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    Cloos R310 Robotic welding system

    SIEMENS International
    auction no.: X14055-13

    EUR 20,000

    ending 28/09/2018
    at 10:00
    (0 Bids)

    IGM Combiniro Welding system for roof plate

    SIEMENS International
    auction no.: X14055-6

    EUR 15,000

    ending 02/10/2018
    at 10:00
    (0 Bids)

    Bräcker PWS 600 Hydraulic punch press Bräcker

    SIEMENS International
    auction no.: X14055-10

    EUR 25,500

    ending 02/10/2018
    at 10:00
    (0 Bids)

    WMA Schmidt & Bittner WMP100 Spot welding machine

    SIEMENS International
    auction no.: X14055-14

    EUR 500

    ending 02/10/2018
    at 10:00
    (1 Gebot)

    industry / category


    end date:

    Metal Processing

    end date: 28/09/2018 10:00