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Quartz sand mine


Quartz sand mine
Trg kralja Petra i Karadordevica bb
Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Quartz sand mine

Quartz sand mine

Item no.: 15507

Fourth quarter 2021

    Auction Type

    Online Project

    On behalf of the entitled party we are selling online against highest bid the Quartz sand mine, of the company DEBELJAK ZVORNIK d.o.o..

    Fourth quarter 2021

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      Viewing is possible at any time. Please schedule your visit at

      The reception of the offer will be awarded with reservation until the approval of the entitled party!

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      The following item is put up for auction:
      Quartz sand mine, High quality quartz mine, with a total capacity of 4,258,672 t. It is located in the Zvornik region (Bosnia and Herzegovina), in the middle of Europe, near Croatia (EU), Serbia and Monte Negro.

    • Contact

      Mr. Ales Weiksler (German, Englisch, Slovenian und Serbian speaking)
      phone: +386 40 515 140

    Quartz sand mine

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    The Quartz sand mine

    The Quartz sand mine

    Zvornik, Bosnien und herzegowina
    auction no.: X15507-1

    EUR 1,200,000

    ending 11/12/2021
    at 12:00
    (0 Bids)

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    Forrestal, agricultural and communal technic

    end date: 11/12/2021 12:00