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Metalworking machines

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Metalworking machines

Metalworking machines

Número de oferta: 17054

2er trimestre 2023

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    On behalf of our client we are auctioning online against highest bid equipment that is no longer needed from the company KOVOSVIT MAS.

    2er trimestre 2023

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    • Detalles

      Location nám. Tomáše Bati 419, 391 02 Sezimovo Ústí: 15 March 2023 at 10.00 a.m.
      Please schedule your visit in advance.

      Online bidding is possible immediately.

      The following items are put up for auction:
      Coordinate drilling machine, KOVOSVIT, WKV 100; table milling machine, TOS Kurim, FSQ 80 2 cylindrical grinding machines + machine accessories, FORTUNA WERKE, ADF 350 / TOS HOLICE, BUA 25/1000; plane grinder with magnetic plate + accessories, TOS HOSTIVAR, BPH300; radial drilling machine + cubic table, KOVOSVIT, VR5 A; milling machine, KOVOSVIT, HS 12; platform trolley, lathe, control board, hacksaw a.m.o.

    • Contacto

      NetBid CZ s.r.o.
      T (420) 224 934 679

    • Condiciones

      Please note:
      1) In case the machinery is to be sold abroad, the machinery must be considered as dual-use items or a relevant license must be obtained resulting in delay in final delivery of the machinery.
      2) The buyers from EU-countries will pay a deposit for VAT.
      3) Within one year after transfer of proprietary rights to the Buyer, the Buyer is allowed to further sale of the Purchased Goods to third party only upon written consent of the Seller.
      4) The buyer is obliged to discuss possible changes to the purchase agreement with KOVOSVIT, even before the end of the auction.

    máquinas del proyecto (4)

    • lotes (4)

    cierra 24/03/2023
    a las 10:17
    (9 Pujas)
    Bajo reserva

    cierra 24/03/2023
    a las 10:19
    (3 Pujas)
    Bajo reserva

    cierra 19/04/2023
    a las 10:32
    (1 Puja)
    Bajo reserva

    KOVOSVIT N.P.S.USTI VV4 Drill 4 spindle

    Sezimovo Ústí, República Checa
    nº de lote: X17054-10000

    cierra 19/04/2023
    a las 11:30
    (1 Puja)
    Bajo reserva