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tamping machines (pistenbully) and
snow cannons

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tamping machines (pistenbully) and  snow cannons

tamping machines (pistenbully) and
snow cannons

Número de oferta: 14171

cierra 07/12/2017

Cierre: 10:00

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    On behalf of the insolvency administrator we are auctioning online against highest bid the well-maintained snow processing machines of the Slovenian company Sportni center Pohorje.

    Fecha: jueves, 7 de diciembre de 2017
    Cierre: 10:00

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    • Detalles

      Viewing is possible at any time. Please register at

      Online bidding is possible immediately.

      The following items are put up for auction:
      Tamping machine with cutter and winch, PISTEN BULLY, 300W Polar / W5, man. 2004; Tamping machine, PISTEN BULLY, 300W Polar/ W6, man. 2004; Tamping machine, PISTEN BULLY, 300W Polar/ W3, man. 2002; Tamping machine with crane, PISTEN BULLY, 300 HIAB, con. 1996; Tamping machine, PISTEN BULLY, PB160, man. 1997; Snow cannons with connection tubes, LENKO

      Please find our IMPORTANT SPECIAL CONDITIONS under “Conditions”!

      PLEASE NOTE: Separate auction rules exist for this auction. These can be found under "Conditions".

      The reception of the offer will be awarded with reservation until the approval of Slovenian Bankruptcy Court!

      For questions or scheduling a viewing appointment you can contact

      Mr Ales Weiksler (German, English, Slovenian and Serbian)
      Tel. +386 40 515 140

      any time.

    • Contacto

      Ales Weiksler Tel. +386 40 515 140 (German, English, Slovenian, Serbian speaking), Email:

    • Condiciones

      On the basis of a final decision of the District Court in Maribor, dated 18.10.2017, which relates to the sale of a part of the assets of the bankruptcy debtor, Case No. 4939/2014, the insolvency administrator in bankruptcy proceedings against the debtor

      POHORJE SPORTS CENTRE, catering, tourism, sport, agriculture and forestry, trade, services, d.o.o. –in bankruptcy, Mladinska ulica 29, 2000 Maribor

      publishes the


      The subject of sale:

      Order No. Type of property
      1 30 snow cannons and 90 connection tubes for cannons
      2 Tamping machine PISTENBULLY 160, year of manufacture 1997, chassis No. WO981300001014550
      3 Tamping machine PISTENBULLY 300 W POLAR, year of manufacture 2002, chassis No. WKV5825MA2LO11624
      4 Tamping machine PISTENBULLY 300 W POLAR, year of manufacture 2004, chassis No. WKU5825MA4LO12080, accessories: tracks, mobile crane, winch, shaft, milling machine
      5 Tamping machine PISTENBULLY 300 W POLAR, year of manufacture 2004, chassis No. WKV5825MA4LO12414
      6 Tamping machine PISTENBULLY 300 HIAB, year of manufacture 1996, chassis No. W0982510113

      For the public auction, the seller has authorised the company Netbid GmbH from Vienna. The bidders must submit their bids for the selected sales item by registered letter to NETBID GmbH, Slovenia Office, Zagrebška cesta 76, 2000 Maribor, until 6.12.2017. The debtor in bankruptcyis not obliged to conclude a contract of sale with the bidder offering the highest price.

      Before entering into a contract, the buyer must make a written declaration that there are no obstacles to the conclusion of the contract from paragraph 1 of Article 337 of ZFPPIPP. The sales contract is concluded under the suspensive and resolutive conditions from Article 341 of ZFPPIPP (the court is consent to the conclusion of a sales contract).

      Transfer of ownership will be possible immediately after payment of the entire purchase price that falls due no later than three months after the auction day. The tax and other costs of transferring ownership are paid by the buyer. Published prices do not include any taxes and charges that are charged to the buyer. The seller is not liable for any material damages of the property that is the subject of the sale.

      More detailed information can be obtained from Netbid GmbH representative Aleš Weiksler every working day at the telephone number 00386 40 515 140 or at e-mail address and at Viewing the equipment can be arranged at or by the telephone number 00386 70 570 930.

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