Asset Sale
Gas turbines

Asset Sale Gas turbines

Asset Sale
Gas turbines

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2nd quarter 2019

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    On behalf of the insolvency administrator we are selling online against highest bid the gas turbines of a Hungarian company

    2nd quarter 2019

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    • Detalles


      Viewing is possible at any time.
      In case of bid acceptance the item can be sold immediately.

      Offer for Sale:

      • Gas turbines, CENTRAX 501 KB7, 2 pcs.
      • Screw compressor liquid cooler for gas turbine intake air cooling, McQuay, 1 pc.
      • Gas turbine exhaust gas / steam heat exchanger, Babcock WANSON, 2 pcs.
      • Steam turbine, Peter Brotherhood, 1 pc.
      • Absorption chiller, LG, LWM/060, 1 pc.
      • Cooling tower for absorption chiller, EVAPCO AT 28/921
      • Piston gas compressor, ABC1EHP111GT/230, 2 pcs.
      • Screw compressor, AtlasCopco, GA 7-8 PS/30, 1 pc.

      • Please refer to our exposé
        for further information about the offer.

    • Contacto

      Mr. Magyari Aron (German, English and Hungarian speaking)
      Phone: +43 676 4838091

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