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Heavy sewing machines


Heavy sewing machines
POLKO TECH Sp. z o.o.
Baciki Srednie 68C,
17-300 Siemiatycze

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Heavy sewing machines

Heavy sewing machines

Número de oferta: 15270

4er trimestre 2019

    Formatos Oferta

    Proyectos Online

    On behalf of the insolvency administrator we are auctioning online against highest bid heavy sewing machines

    4er trimestre 2019

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    • Detalles


      Viewing is possible at any time. Please schedule your visit.

      Online bidding is possible immediately!

      52 items are put up for auction:

      Two needle machine, Brother, type T-8722A-405; Two needle machine, Brother, type LT2-B875-405; 17 One needle machines, Juki type LU-1511N-7; Two needle machine, Juki, type LH-3528A-7; One needle machine, Juki, type DNU-1541-7; 2 One needle machines, Juki, type PLC-2710-7; 3 Two needle machines, Juki, type PLC-2760-7; 12 One needle machines, Juki, type LU-2810-7; Digital Softness Tester, type ST300; Roll punching machine, Shear-Line Super; Drying tunnel, Polimet, type TS 800; Belt conveyor, Europa Systems, type W-PTE-99.130407.00, Passenger car, KIA, Sorento 2,5 crdi; Truck, FS-Lublin type Pasagon; Passenger car, ISUZU, type D-Max TFS77; Passenger car, VOLVO, type V50; Tractor unit, Mercedes-Benz, type Actros 1846LS; Passenger car, Mazda, type 2; Delivery van, Toyota, type HIACE

    • Contacto

      NetBid Polska
      T (48) 22 636 02 70 (english speaking),

    • Condiciones

      The final approval of the offer takes place after its acceptance by the insolvency administrator.

      The Bidder who has received the adjudication under reserve will be bound up with his offer within 21 days.

      At this auction, payment for machines is only possible in Polish Zloty with the selling rate of exchange of the National Bank of Poland from the auction day.

    máquinas del proyecto (6)

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    • lotes (6)
    • máquinas por categoría (6)

    KIA Sorento 2,5 crdi xl Passenger car

    Baciki Srednie, Polonia
    nº de lote: X15270-1

    EUR 450

    cierra 13/12/2019
    a las 11:00
    (0 Pujas)

    MRCz Guillotine

    Baciki Srednie, Polonia
    nº de lote: X15270-3

    EUR 90

    cierra 13/12/2019
    a las 11:02
    (0 Pujas)

    Brother T-8722A-405 Two needle machine

    Baciki Srednie, Polonia
    nº de lote: X15270-6

    EUR 380

    cierra 13/12/2019
    a las 11:04
    (0 Pujas)

    Brother LT2-B875-405 mark II Two needle machine

    Baciki Srednie, Polonia
    nº de lote: X15270-8

    EUR 140

    cierra 13/12/2019
    a las 11:06
    (0 Pujas)

    ST300 Digital Softness Tester

    Baciki Srednie, Polonia
    nº de lote: X15270-46a

    EUR 350

    cierra 13/12/2019
    a las 11:10
    (0 Pujas)

    Cutting dies, 31 pcs.

    Baciki Srednie, Polonia
    nº de lote: X15270-47

    EUR 10

    cierra 13/12/2019
    a las 11:12
    (0 Pujas)

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    Procesamiento de textil

    fecha de finalización: 13/12/2019 11:02


    fecha de finalización: 13/12/2019 11:00