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Metalworking machines


Metalworking machines
Crystal Traktor Sp. z o.o. w upadlosci likwidacyjnej
Ul. Uniejowska 186
98-200 Sieradz

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Metalworking machines

Metalworking machines

Número de oferta: 15351

4er trimestre 2021

    Formatos Oferta

    Proyectos Online

    On behalf of the insolvency administrator we are auctioning online against highest bid the well maintained metalworking machines of the company Crystal Traktor Sp. z o.o. w upadlosci likwidacyjnej.

    4er trimestre 2021

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    • Detalles

      Viewing is possible at any time. Please schedule your visit.

      Online bidding is possible immediately!

      The following items are put up for auction:
      Water-jet cutting machine, STM, WS 2030 Premium; hydraulic press brake, AMADA, HFE- M2-1303/4; semi-automatic tube bending machine, TFM, GM-SB114NCB; 3 machining centers, MANDELLI; press for the production of hydraulic pipes, UNIFLEX, S4 ECOLINE; guillotine shears, PLASOMAT, NGH-6; deep quenching furnace, ELTERMA, Pegat-950/3; quenching line, AICHELIN, DHES 35/220; forklifts; semi-automatic welding machines; jig grinder; central heating boiler; electric skinning machine for hydraulic hoses; electro-erosion machines; 3 coordinate drilling machine; 3 machining centers, HECKERT; 8 machining centers, MECHANICY; 6 gear slotting machines, 12 gear hobbing machines, 18 milling machines; 4 numerical turret milling machines; milling and punching machine, HECKERT; 2 compressor hammer; tire changer for trucks, HAWEKA; 2 induction hardening furnaces; 5 metal saws; 6 hydraulic presses; 5 eccentric presses; 2 broaching machines; vane compressors, MATTEI, AC 45 L; 3 internal cylindrical grinding machines; 4 surface grinding machines; 7 external cylindrical grinding machines; 4 tool grinders; 7 circular grinding machines; 21 numerical lathes; 3 turret lathes; 9 universal lathes; 5 hardness tester; 5 pillar drilling machines; 2 radial drilling machines, CSEPEL; a.m.o.

    • Contacto

      NetBid Polska T (48) 22 636 02 70 (Englisch Speaking), Email:

    • Condiciones

      The final approval of the offer takes place after its acceptance by the insolvency administrator.

      The Bidder who has received the adjudication under reserve will be bound up with his offer within 28 days.

      At this auction, payment for machines is only possible in Polish Zloty with the selling rate of exchange of the National Bank of Poland from the auction day.

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