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Functioning agricultural biogas plant


Functioning agricultural biogas plant
Agro Elektro Gaz sp. z o.o.
Drzonowo 50
78-102 Drzonowo (Poland)

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Functioning agricultural biogas plant

Functioning agricultural biogas plant

Projectnummer: 16166

2e kwartaal 2022

    Veiling Type

    Online Project

    On behalf of the entitled party we are auctioning online against highest bid the whole functioning Agricultural Biogas Plant from company Agro Elektro Gaz sp. z o.o..

    2e kwartaal 2022

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      Agricultural Biogas Plant, LIMNO TEC ABWASSERANLAGEN GMBH, man. 2013, consisting of: Fermenters (2 pcs.) - 3500 m³ each; Fermentation tank (1 pc.) - 3500 m³; Buffer tank (dosing of liquid substrates) - 60 m³; Fermentation tanks (7 pcs.) - 550 m³ each; Solid substrate dosing station with feeders for fermenters - 60 m³; pumping station with the workshop; Control room with automation; Gas treatment station (gas cooler and dryer, compressor, activated carbon filter); Cogeneration units (2 pcs.) - MWM serial number; 1286076 TCG 2016 / V12 / C, 1286077 TCG 2016 / V12 / C; Transformer station SN-15kV; Plate / silo for solid substrates; A gas torch; Fuel station; Technological pipelines; Social and office container; Storage container; Station roof for operating waste (e.g. filters, scrap)

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    Limno Tec Abwasseranlagen GmbH Functioning agricultural biogas plant

    EUR 1.200.000

    Sluiting 1-6-2022
    om 12:00
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    Energie-, warmte- en stoomproductie

    einddatum: 1-6-2022 12:00