Online Insolventie Veiling

Machines from the field of mechanical engineering


Machines from the field of mechanical engineering
LUWOTEC Highspeedcutting GmbH/ LuWoTec Projekt GmbH
Friedrichsthaler Str. 29
66540 Neunkirchen (Germany)

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Machines from the field of mechanical engineering

Machines from the field of mechanical engineering

Projectnummer: 16578

Sluiting 18-10-2022

Vanaf: 10:00

    Veiling Type

    Online Project

    On behalf of the insolvency administrator we are auctioning online against highest bid operating and office equipment from the companies LUWOTEC Highspeedcutting GmbH and LuWoTec Projekt GmbH.

    Advance notice of the auction:

    Items and prices will follow in the next few days.

    Datum: dinsdag 18 oktober 2022
    Vanaf: 10:00

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    • Details

      Monday, 17 October 2022 from 10.00 a.m. - 02.00 p.m.

      Online bidding will be possible soon.

      Approximately 290 items are put up for auction. These include:
      3+2-axis CNC machining center, ANAYAK, VHPlus 3000, man. 2013; 3+2-axis CNC bed milling machine, ANAYAK, HVM-5000-P, man. 2008; CNC machining center, V-TEC, VF-4000; man. 2010; CNC portal milling machine, V-TEC, SF-3120, man. 2016; CNC Vertical Machining Center, JOHNFORD; CNC portal processing center, PINNACLE, DV-1422 portal, man. 2011; CNC machining center, MICROMILL, Challenger V-30, man. 2013; CNC deep hole drilling milling center, TBT, BW 250-S, man. 2007; CNC deep hole drilling milling center, IMSA, MF 1000 C, man. 2016; lathe, IMATEC, IP-165; screw compressor, BOGE, Solid Screwer 15 RD, man. 2014; large social room/sanitary container system, UNICO, man. 2012; 40´ sea container, BUREAU VERITAS, man. 2015; screw compressor, BOGE, S31-2, man. 2011; shrink device, DIEBOLD, M0-04, man. 2011; 4-wheel diesel truck, LINDE, 82 6FDF 25; LPG four-wheel forklift, MITSUBISHI, FG30; LPG four-wheel forklift, TCM, FG45 T9, man. 2009; rough terrain forklift, HYSTER, H12.00XM, man. 2004; small van, Peugeot, Partner 1.6 HDI, initial reg. 04/19; transporter, MERCEDES-BENZ, Sprinter 316 CDI, initial reg. 01/15; industrial tent, radial drilling machine, tool presetting device, extensive tool holders, measuring sensors, workshop cabinets, tools, storage technology, hand machines, office equipment, EDP hardware a.m.o.

    • Contact

      Nils Brinkmann, Tel. (+49) 040 355059-190, Email: