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Used spare parts and machines

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Used spare parts and machines

Used spare parts and machines

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2 kwartał 2022

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    Projekt Online

    On behalf of our client we are auctioning online against the highest bid the used parts and machines of the company ŠKODA Auto a.s.

    2 kwartał 2022

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    • Szczegóły


      Monday, 23. May 2022, bus leaves from the parking of shopping centre ALBERT (at the OMV petrol station), address Jicínská 1349, 293 01 Mladá Boleslav at 10:00 a.m..

      Online bidding is possible immediately.

      The following items are put up for auction. These include:

      machining center, UNIOR, man. 2015;
      CNC grinding machine, JUNKER, JUMAT 51, man. 2002;
      CNC tool milling machine, DROOP, man. 1992;
      CNC tool grinding machine, JUNKER, CBN, man. 2001;
      multipurpose vehicle, MSW WALTERSHAUSEN SRN, M30 ALD, man. 2004;
      2 forklifts, JUNGHEINRICH, EKX 515;
      stand drills, diagnostic systems, screw compressors a.m.o.

      Attention – the owner want to have a signed contract with buyer.
      Purchase contract

    • Kontakt

      Jan Antonin (German, English, Czech speaking)
      M: (+420) 773 445 221

    • Warunki

      Please note:

      1) In case the machinery is to be sold abroad, the machinery must be considered as dual-use items or a relevant license must be obtained resulting in delay in final delivery of the machinery.

      2) The buyers from EU-countries will pay a deposit for VAT.

      3) Within one year after transfer of proprietary rights to the Buyer, the Buyer is allowed to further sale of the Purchased Goods to third party only upon written consent of the Seller.

      4) The buyer is obliged to discuss possible changes to the purchase agreement with SA, even before the end of the auction.

      5) The collection of the devices will take place on certain dates, which will be arranged by Skoda. Please note the respective dates in the descriptions..

      6) The reception of the offer will be awarded with reservation until the approval of the entitled party!

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