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Moreens Yangsan-si KOREA

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Moreens Yangsan-si KOREA

Moreens Yangsan-si KOREA

Numer oferty: 13722

3. kwartal 2017

    Typ oferty

    Projekt Online

    On behalf of the entitled parties we are selling online against highest bid the well-maintained cell phone-assembly-equipment of the company Moreens Co., Ltd.

    3. kwartal 2017

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    • Szczegóły

      Viewing is possible at any time. Please schedule your visit.

      In case of bid acceptance items can be sold immediately.

      180 items are put up for sale. These include:
      4 UV Laser, HARDRAM, UV, man. 2009 / HARDRAM UV Laser, man. 2009 / 2 EO TECHNICS, IPM-100SD, man. 2008; 5 Automated FPB Bonding Lines, MOT, 3 Stage (zones), man. 2009 / SEKWANG TECHOLOGIES, 3 Stage (zones), man. 2009; Air Compressor Screw Line, SCREWLINE, man. 2008; 10 Automated Cell Assembly Lines, MOT, man. 2009; Laser Cutting machine, man. 2009; 2 Semi Automated OCA Foil Cutting Tool, OCA FOIL CUTTING, man. 2008; 2 IR belt oven, DYSS DAE YOUNG SYSTEM, PC-10678-HV, man. 2008; Air Plasma Generator Tool, APPLIED PLASMA INC., scan typ, man. 2009; Cleanroom on 2 floors, SKS-ACU-020; High Voltage System Trafostation; 7 Semi Automated Sheet Assembly tools, MOT, sheet assembly, man. 2009; 5 Semi Automated Presses, THOMSON, TK-350LB, man. 2008; 16 Touchpanel Linearity Test Tool, MIK, 9100R, man. 2005-2011; 6 Semi Automated Cell Assembly stations, MOT, S112, man. 2007-2011; 5 UV Cure Belt Oven, JEIL UV, UF803RCH, man. 2008-2010; 6 cure oven for anealing, DUOCOMM, man. 2008; 10 cure oven for boxes, 2 Line System, man. 2010 / 8 DUOCOMM, HS2000, man. 2005; 6 Manual Vision Setting Sheet Assembly tools, JEIL GIYEON, HAC 550 AA, man. 2008 / SANKYO, HAC 50 AA, man. 2005 / 4 SUM TECH, S 155, man. 2008; 9 Auto Claves, 8 SUNGJIN HI-MECH, S160, man. 2007-2009 / SUM TECH, S160, man. 2007; 22 Cell Assembly stations, SUM TECH, S112, man. 2007-2009; 11 Manual Bonding Tools, 7 NANO LINE, man. 2007-2008 / 2 YOUGJIN TECH, YJ-100C, man. 2005 / SUM TECH, man. 2007; 7 Manual NR Presses, MOT, NR press, man. 2010; 5 Manual Punching Systems, JIT, JHP-1, man. 2008 a.m.o.

    • Kontakt

      Joachim Mink Tel. +49 172 755 65 76 (German / English speaking)
      SungHwan Kim Tel. +82 10 3713 0504 (English / Korean speaking)

    • Warunki szczegółowe dla danego kraju

      Caution! All knock downs for individual lots and/or bloc-positions are accepted under reservation. The responsible court has to confirm the procedure. This can take up to 2 months. Therefore, the Participant remains bound by his offer respectively. All Items offered for sale are used, and in some cases show considerable signs of wear. The opportunity exists to have the Items examined by an expert. The Items will be sold in the condition in which they are examined or could have been examined, also using the services of an expert.

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