OMO (pilot) plant

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OMO (pilot) plant

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OMO (pilot) plant

OMO (pilot) plant

Numer oferty: 15141

3rd quarter 2019

    Typ oferty

    Projekt Online

    On behalf of the entitled party, we are bringing to your attention the sale of the OMO Integrated Pilot Plant which was built in 2013 and intended to be used as demonstration unit for the production of Olefins from Methanol (3 tpd) located at STCA, Netherlands

    3rd quarter 2019

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    • Szczegóły

      FCC (Fluid Catalytic Cracking) plant for sale:

      • Olefins from Methanol (3 tpd)
      • New price € 40 Million EUR
      • Built in 2013
      • FOB Buyer (Barge)
      • Complete set with computer controller (Honeywell), 3D model (with service function)
      • 2 Riser reactors
      • High provision for resellers
      • Incinerator set optional (Can be sold separately)
      • Floor space requirement approx. 25 x 20 meter

      Please find further details here: Expose

    • Kontakt

      Joost De Groot Tel. (31) 020 722 0 922, Email: