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Production and storage complex

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Production and storage complex
INPOS d.o.o.
Opekarniška cesta 2
SL-3000 Celje

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Production and storage complex

Production and storage complex

Numer oferty: 15480

2 kwartał 2020

    Typ oferty

    Projekt Online

    On behalf of the entitled party we are selling online against highest bid the The production and storage complex, of the company: INPOS d.o.o.

    2 kwartał 2020

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    • Szczegóły

      Viewing is possible at any time. Please schedule your visit at weiksler@netbid.com.

      The reception of the offer will be awarded with reservation until the approval of the entitled party!

      Online bidding is possible immediately.

      The following items are put up for auction:
      Real estate;
      The production and storage complex (formerly Mura) is located in an exceptional location near the newly constructed east Murska Sobota highway- bypass.

      - The complex is characterized by paved connecting surfaces, lightning conductors, electrical installations, central heating, plumbing, gas pipeline connection, fire protection and tidy sewage of storm and sewage water. PVC floors are laid in the halls, in B Itison or ceramics.

      - The subject facilities were built in 1970 and the last improvements and renovations were made in 1993.

      - Building A: covers the ground floor and the first floor, measuring 13,001.25 m2 in net area and the associated functional land approx. 7.000 m2.
      - Building B: covers the basement, ground floor and 1st floor, in a net dimension of 5,321.35 m2 and associated land approx. 4.500 m2.

      - The real estate located in Murska Sobota (ID 105-26258-1) is for sale as a whole, with a total area of 18,322.60 m2 or 11,500 m2 of functional area.

      If you have questions or if you would like to schedule an appointment for viewing please contact

      Mr Ales Weiksler (German, Englisch, Slovenian und Serbian speaking)
      phone: +386 40 515 140

      any time.

    • Kontakt

      Mr Ales Weiksler (German, Englisch, Slovenian und Serbian speaking)
      Tel. +386 40 515 140

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    Real Estate

    Numer aukcji: X15480-1

    EUR 2 000 000

    Koniec: 2020-04-22
    o 12:00
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