Full featured 3S-Turnkey PV Module Factory


Full featured 3S-Turnkey PV Module Factory
Location: 5000 Szolnok (Hungary)

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Full featured 3S-Turnkey PV Module Factory

Full featured 3S-Turnkey PV Module Factory

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4. četrtletje 2019

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    We are selling against highest bid a full featured 3S-Turnkey PV Module Factory in 5000 Szolnok (Hungary).

    4. četrtletje 2019

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    3S-Turnkey PV Module Factory
    Reactivation Activity Relocation
    Short business description

    The ASolar plant started in 2011, planned for an output of up to 35-40 MW/year of PV Modules.
    The 1.800 m2 industrial plant are rented.
    Holding meanwhile an 70 MW/year 3S turnkey PV Module Factory. The factory mainly produced 60/72 Cells Modules and even various Glas/Glas Modules. Also an upgrade kit for 5 BB is located on site.

    Production capacity

    Uptime of 95% : 70 MW/year (calculation based on 360 days)
    Ugraded with Laminator type 3S NG3622XL the the capacity can be increased up to 100 MW/year

    Business Opportunities

    high potential for adjustments
    low labor costs
    Investor-Friendly Environment
    refundable and non-refundable investment incentives
    cash subsidies
    tax incentives
    Key Points of Success:

    • Re-start implementing Lean Manufacturing structures
    • 5 BB Technology is onsite
    • Possibility to produce Glas/Glas Modules
    • Many materials come with the factory
    • Use of local high-qualified workforce with long time experience in the field
    • Ready to start for 70 MW production
    • Easily upgradeable to 100 MW
    • Long term focus on international markets
    Joachim Mink
    Project manager
    Tel: +49 172 755 65 76

    Aron Magyari
    Country Manager Hungary
    Tel: + 36 30 2748 744