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Pressing Line, Drawing Press


Pressing Line, Drawing Press
Tr. Václava Klementa 869
CZ-293 60 Mladá Boleslav

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Pressing Line, Drawing Press

Pressing Line, Drawing Press

Št. ponudba: 12339

Zaključek: 26.9.2019

Začetek: 10:00

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    On behalf of our client we are auctioning online against highest bid this used drawing presses / press line of the company ŠKODA Auto a.s.

    Datum: 26. september 2019
    Začetek: 10:00

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    • Podrobnosti


      CZ 293 60 Mladá Boleslav: viewing is possible in September only after phone call. Please schedule your visit..

      Online bidding is possible immediately !

      The following items are put up for auction:

      1 Press Line – 6x Drawing press – 1x FMI MECFOND NAPOLI, D4-900-600-4572x2438, YOM 1979, Year of overhaul 2004; + 5x VEB Erfurt PK ZV 1250/4000 (YOM 1974, Year of overhaul 2000-2004); incl. transport and manipulation peripherals
      1 Drawing press, VEB Erfurt, PK ZV 1250/4000, YOM 1974, Year of overhaul 1997
      Start of dismantling, calendar week 3/2020

      Attention: In case of bid acceptance the consigner needs an additional sales contract to be signed by the buyer. A blank sales contract you can find here.

    • Kontaktna oseba

      NetBid CZ s.r.o.
      V Jirchárích 1258/12
      CZ-110 00 Praha 1
      T (420) 224 934 679
      F (420) 224 934

    • Pogoji

      Please note:

      1/ In case the machinery is to be sold abroad, the machinery must be considered as dual-use items or a relevant license must be obtained resulting in delay in final delivery of the machinery.
      2) The buyers from EU-countries will pay a deposit for VAT.
      3) Within one year after transfer of proprietary rights to the Buyer, the Buyer is allowed to further sale of the Purchased Goods to third party only upon written consent of the Seller.
      4) The buyer is obliged to discuss possible changes to the purchase agreement with SA, even before the end of the auction.

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    ERFURT PK ZV 1250/4000 Drawing Press 21-07

    Mladá Boleslav, Češka
    Št. dražbe : X12339-21

    EUR 17.000

    Zaključek: 26.9.2019
    ob 10:00
    (0 Ponudbe )

    Press Line

    Mladá Boleslav, Češka
    Št. dražbe : X12339-22

    EUR 100.000

    Zaključek: 26.9.2019
    ob 10:10
    (0 Ponudbe )

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    Končni datum: 26.9.2019 10:00