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Pellets plant

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Pellets plant

Pellets plant

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3. četrtletje 2021

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    On behalf of the entitled party, we are looking for a potential investor or buyer, in cooperation with Oaklins TJP Corporate Finance GmbH, to acquire an Austrian Pellet Plant, which is the most modern pellet plant in Europe with production of high quality pellets.

    3. četrtletje 2021

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    • Podrobnosti

      Capacity of the plant:

      Plant capacity – existing daily capacity with current technology is following:

      Wood Fiber Processing:

      • Capacity - 6t/h, app. 120t/day
      • Moister – 10-12%

      Wood Pellets production:
      • Capacity – 5t/h, app. 100t/day
      • Moister prior pelletizing – 8-12%
      • Pellet diameter – 6,00mm

      Storage capacity:
      • Winter storage – 9,000 m3
      • Summer storage – 3,000 m3
      • Daily storage area – 1,100 m3
      • Type of tree – 80% spruce, 20% beech

      Technological processes:
      • Technology is more flexible than other wood pelleting technologies because it can process whole trees in a felled state and can use other wood processing residues that cannot be processed into pellets at this time
      • Proprietary, patented refining technology that uses all the wood contained in a tree - therefore defines the plants as "wood refineries" (technology can process hardwoods; the conventional one Wood pelleting plant cannot).
      • The wood pellet process can produce consistent, high quality pellets as well as wood fibers (these wood fibers can be used to replace plastics in wood-plastic composites and advanced wood fibers, both of which potentially have high prices).The plant has a production capacity of high-quality pellets of at least 100 tons per day

      Detailed information about the project can be found here.

      If you have questions or if you would like to schedule an appointment for viewing please contact

      Mr Andreas Weinberger (German and English speaking)
      phone +43 699 16668262

      at any time.

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