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Automotive complex

38-200 Jasło (Poland)

The complex consists of: Car workshop, 753 m2; Service rooms including: a repair hall with five column lifts, one 4-column, one scissor, a work station for an electrician - 584 m²; Storage room with technical facilities and a separate entrance gate - 169 m²; Regional vehicle control station, 156 m²; Inspection channel with entry and exit gate; Rooms for diagnosticians; Store with parts warehouse, 180 m²; Customer service with office space, 123 m²; A gastronomic bar, 34 m²; Washer unit, 71 m²; Portal car wash with technical facilities, 71 m²; Three non-contact car washes; Social facilities with communication, 95 m²; Maneuvering area paved with paving stones + parking, 5000 m²; Usable area of the building - 1412 m²; Building - 1738 m²; Cubature - 8300 m³

Hotel Boka in the north west part of Slovenia

Srpenica 5224 (Slovenia)

Hotel with restaurant, bar, conference room, sport agency office, tourist information service, sport equipment storage, wellness (finished phase 3), Total property: 2610 m², Building 870x3m², Year of construction: 2009, Hotel with Basement + 3 floors, 16 double rooms – 20 m²/room, 4 family suites – over 30 m², Parking place – entrance direct to hotel, enough space for all guests, Restaurant: space for 120 people; 2 terraces Bar: for more than 60 guests; open terrace and own pastry shop, Conference room for up to 40 people etc.

Commercial hall with residential building

78733 Aichhalden Rötenberg (Germany)

Commercial hall with a residential building, as well as an associated double garage; Property area approx. 7,000 m²; Residential house with three floors, about 390 m², as well as storage space of 120 m²; adjacent double garage 120m²; Partly basement workshop, usable space on two floors approx. 900 m² floor space, hall has three roller shutters

Gewerbeareal in Weimar Agrarlager & Büroimmobilie

Weimar (Germany)

Property size is approx. 35,861 sqm, usual supply and disposal connections (Water, electricity, gas and sewerage) are available, decommissioned seed silo with three associated warehouses, on the site are two truck scales (input and output balance) with connected laboratory, a transformer station, a former refueling station, an office wing and a packaged goods storage.

Produktionshalle für die Montage von Motoren und Zylindern mit Lagerhalle und Büros

Branka Perduva 10a, 78000 Banja Luka (Bosnien-Herzegowina)

Objektart: Produktionshalle für die Montage von Motoren und Zylindern mit Lagerhalle und Büros; Grundstückfläche: ca. 24.000 m2; Baujahr: 1986. Komplex besteht aus Verwaltungsbüros (4 Stocke; 4 x 662 m2), im Erdgeschoss befindet sich ein Restaurant, Produktionshalle; ca. 12.000 m². Die Produktionshalle ist mit Aufzügen in der Mitte (45 Tonnen) und an den Seiten (25 Tonnen) ausgestattet und Lager. Außenfläche: Asphalt (Parkplatz); Verbindung mit der Eisenbahn zum Lager, Grünfläche.