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Evatec Solaris S151 multi-chamber sputtering system

Evatec Solaris S151 multi-chamber sputtering system

78467 Konstanz (Germany)
auction no.: X17388-1

EUR 80,000

ending 29/05/2024
at 11:00
(0 Bids)

Purchase highly specialised high-tech machinery and equipment at auction at HightechBid – simple and at a low price

We have launched HightechBid to provide a platform for purchasing particularly efficient and premium-quality second-hand high-tech industrial goods quickly and inexpensively at auction. Here, systems and machines from the innovative high-tech industry can be bought for a comparatively low price – a great alternative to quickly compensate for the failure of defective machines or to implement a new production branch at low cost without great expenditure of time. We are offering an online auction platform with a high level of expertise focused on high-tech systems with HightechBid. Whether it’s semiconductor, PV or MEMS production – you will find the right equipment required for efficient production solutions here. Do you need a high-tech system for silicon production, wafering or micromechanical processes? No problem, simply register with HightechBid and participate immediately and effectively in WebCast live auctions. The data is always one hundred percent transparent and you are fully informed about every step. We are the leading provider of second-hand high-tech equipment with our online marketplace. With second-hand machinery you can keep your investment costs low and start mass production of high-tech goods right away. Whether it’s whole machines or components and spare parts, we offer a broad portfolio and help your company reach high production standards and make a good saving in purchasing.

Thanks to our broad and reliable customer base, we are able to offer optimally maintained high-tech goods and a large selection of machinery, systems and spare parts for all industries at online auctions. Our marketing strategies cover everything from newsletters to all common social media channels, in order to stimulate trade and to offer you a large selection of machinery and equipment even in the high-tech sector.

Furthermore, we bring more than 20 years of experience in IT with us and stand for continuous and consistent innovation and development. Our know-how, accumulated over many years in mechanical, plant and process engineering, also extends to the PV industry, semiconductors, MEMS and the optical industry. We are even the leading innovator in the fields of PV and semiconductors, and can offer you a particularly broad as well as international network and high market expertise in the acquisition of high-tech systems.

Systems for the solar and photovoltaic industry

In the field of the use of renewable energies by the power of the sun, we can offer you systems for silicon and wafer production, cell production, module production and all necessary spare parts. In recent years, a large industrial sector has grown around solar energy; even private households can now afford their own solar collectors in order to profit from the sun as an energy supplier. The focus is predominantly on the production of components for the generation of energy by solar power, as these make solar power available for households and businesses as well as for public institutions. As inexpensive and affordable as individual modules have become, the systems for the production of photovoltaic systems are still in a very high-priced segment because these are high-tech industrial machines that work precisely and effectively. The purchase of equipment for the production of wafers, solar modules or solar cells requires a high level of investment. That's why our new portal HightechBid is also a good option to keep your expenses low. Here you can easily and inexpensively bid on machines used for the production of solar technology and profit from an economic advantage.

You can easily bid on systems that produce components for solar power generation based on state-of-the-art computer-controlled technology on our online auction platform. This includes machines for the manufacture of the following components:
  • Poly- and monocrystalline solar modules
  • Silicon-based photovoltaic components such as wafers and solar cells
  • Cadmium telluride thin film solar modules
  • Storage systems
  • Photovoltaic modules
  • Inverters
  • Mounting systems, photovoltaic racks and tracking systems for optimum module alignment
  • Control systems

Plants for the semiconductor industry

If your company is specialised in the semiconductor industry and the manufacture of semiconductor-based elements and materials, you will naturally need highly specialised production facilities to mass-produce the precise parts. Whether you want to produce (light-emitting) diodes, transistors, thyristors or complex microelectronics such as integrated circuits and semiconductor memories, or microsystem components such as actuators and sensors – the right system is available for you here at HightechBid for a fraction of the original price.

The highly complex machinery and industrial facilities continue to be essential for the production of microchips as well as wafer inspection and production monitoring equipment. You will find systems that manufacture devices for measuring e.g. wafer curvature or roughness as well as the smallest defects on the surface. The thickness or refractive index of the films applied to the wafer can also be measured flawlessly and effectively with the devices produced.
v Here at HightechBid you will find production systems for all possible processes in the field of semiconductor technology at favourable second-hand prices: from systems for the production of very thin layers (sputter deposition systems) to systems for the production of semiconductor-based products, such as integrated circuits, solar cells and modules as well as organic light-emitting diodes, to systems that are important for the production of semiconductor products and smooth processes, such as handling or wafer transfer systems. Here is a brief overview of the items offered in our auctions – you will find systems for:

  • Wafering
  • Chip production
  • Media supply
  • Assembly and testing
  • PCB equipment

You can also purchase suitable spare parts, laboratory equipment and measuring instruments at favourable prices with just a few clicks.

Systems for micromechanics applications at HightechBid

Micromechanics is primarily the design, manufacture and application of mechanical parts with dimensions that are no longer visible to the eye. These include systems that produce tiny, simple structures such as holes or grids as well as complex sensors, actuators and microsystems – all of which require extremely high precision and sophisticated technology. These systems use technologies that are specialised down to the last detail, such as electroplating or laser technology, as well as photolithography, screen printing, thin-film and LIGA technology.

The production is perfectly automated and, thanks to RMPD technology, often possible without tools. These highly demanding micromachining solutions, which include shaft inspection systems, parallelism measuring devices, precision lathes and diamond milling machines, are of course very expensive – when you buy a new one, you have to budget a lot. The devices and systems are absolutely precise in their sequence and positioning accuracy, therefore providing you with the plus factor that you need, especially in mass production. But all this also applies to second-hand machines – so why not save costs and get the same benefits? Here at HightechBid you can find industrial machinery and equipment for the following applications:

  • Production equipment
  • Media supply
  • Assembly and testing

Spare parts, laboratory equipment and measuring instruments are also part of our wide range in this area.

Buy second-hand equipment for Optics at a good price

Optical technologies are used above all in image processing and measuring technology, production and medical technology as well as lighting and energy technology. The focus is also on optical components and systems. The industrial plants include, among other things, laser technology which is used in particular for the precise processing of materials. Optical components such as sensors or lenses are also critical systems for the precise and efficient production of optical coatings.

The high-end production systems are ideally suited for precise series production in large quantities, for example of innovative coating designs. The optical coatings fulfil highest precision and quality requirements. Whether it’s systems for antireflection coatings, scratch protection coatings or finishing for fine and precision optics – the level of performance is high and so is the price. Here at HightechBid you can benefit from the accurate precision technology of the machines at a comparably low price. In addition to the corresponding production facilities, you can also bid on test and measurement equipment for quality control or spare parts and laboratory equipment.

Buy second-hand high-end equipment online

A high level of automation is essential to ensure that individual work steps run smoothly, efficiently and without interruption. This is exactly what premium-quality high-tech systems from renowned manufacturers guarantee – which of course come at a price. Here at HightechBid you have a cost-effective alternative: You can buy cost-intensive machines at a comparatively low price at our auctions.

Thanks to our qualified customer base, the machines are well maintained and in good working order – you are always welcome to view the machines on site to see for yourself. This makes sense especially for very expensive systems. Just make an appointment with the supplier. All the information is transparent and bidding is very easy: Register with our large online auction house and bid on what you need according to your budget – we provide the largest possible range of high-tech industrial equipment. Check it out!