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Bakery equipment, bakery machines, vehicles

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Bakery equipment, bakery machines, vehicles

Bakery equipment, bakery machines, vehicles

Item no.: 16485

Third quarter 2022

    Auction Type

    Online Project

    On behalf of the insolvency administrator we are selling online against highest bid the released machines of a bakery.

    3 Locations in Germany:
    Bäckerei Gauer (Backstube), Blumenstr. 26, 66132 Bischmisheim

    Bäckerei Gauer (Ladengeschäft), Eschringer Str. 7, 66271 Kleinblittersdorf-Bliesransbach

    Bäckerei Gauer (Ladengeschäft), Kreuzstr. 16, 66132 Bischmisheim

    Third quarter 2022

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    • Details

      Tuesday, 19.07.2022, 9.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m. (only Kreuzstr. 16 and Blumenstr. 26, 66132 Bischmisheim)
      Tuesday, 19.07.2022, noon to 1 p.m. (only Eschringer Str. 7, 66271 Kleinblittersdorf-Bliesransbach)

      In case of bid acceptance item can be sold immediately.

      The following items are put up for sale:
      Deck oven, WERNER & PFLEIDERER, Matador MDC 101, man. 1994; dough dividing and rounding machine, EBERHARDT, Optimat; bakery counters; baking tray trolley; shop oven, MIWE, aeromat CS; hot counter, BARTSCHER, DH-395; etc.

    machines of the project (3)

    • all machines (3)

    Eberhardt Maximat Spiralkneter

    66132 Bischmisheim, Blumenstr. 26/ Backstube
    auction no.: V16485-78

    ending 30/06/2022
    at 10:52
    (1 Gebot)
    sold / auctioned

    Mercedes-Benz Citan 108 CDI Kasten Lang Transporter

    Tränkenwald 1 67746 Merzweiler
    auction no.: X16485-85

    ending 30/06/2022
    at 11:00
    (11 Bids)
    sold / auctioned

    Peugeot Expert Kasten 1.6 HDi Transporter

    Tränkenwald 1 67746 Merzweiler
    auction no.: X16485-84

    ending 30/06/2022
    at 11:01
    (17 Bids)
    sold / auctioned