Nils Brinkmann

Head of Auction Coordination

Tel.: +49 (0)40 - 35 50 59 - 190


Information about disassembly

Not all auctioned or purchased machines can be moved manually or with simple lifting and transport means. Large machines or entire systems require precise disassembly planning. Disassembly under the responsibility of the buyer. When placing a bid, the costs and time required must be taken into consideration.

The optimum course of disassembly is in the interest of everyone involved and requires close communication. Depending on the situation of the company on site, the interruption of ongoing production processes may have to be prevented or other special safety measures may have to be initiated. Cases in which production facilities are shut down prove to be much simpler. The potential use of existing lifting systems can be arranged between buyer and seller.

However, any hazards with regard to people, buildings, other objects or environmental damage must be ruled out. This calls for properly trained staff and suitable working and lifting equipment. When disconnecting supply lines (electricity, gas, compressed air, air conditioning, sewage, etc.) correct connections must be taken into consideration. The discharge of operating resources must be avoided and collected in a suitable manner. Such waste materials are part of the sale and must be disposed of if they cannot be reused.

If disassembly should necessitate constructional modifications, they must also be performed by the buyer and reassembled accordingly.