Taking possesion


Nils Brinkmann

Head of Auction Coordination

Tel.: +49 (0)40 - 35 50 59 - 190


Information about taking possesion

If machines belonging to an individual are located at a site outside of his power to act, and deems his property to be threatened as a result of closure, illicit use, sale, etc. seizure can be regarded as a probate means. In this process, machines are transported to a suitable storage location. The executing bodies, storage location, transport, etc. must be selected for each individual case.

Seizure is ensured within the framework of legal possibilities. We do not provide any guarantees in terms of executability if a seizure is not within the realm of legally possibilities.
The individual commissioning the seizure is the owner, who shall also bear any of the accrued costs. Disassembly and transport as well as any additional services such as insurance are included.