Nils Brinkmann

Head of Auction Coordination

Tel.: +49 (0)40 - 35 50 59 - 190

Information on transport and customs

No delivery, packaging or loading is performed by NetBid. The delivery date specified on our invoices is in compliance with §3 (1) UStG (German Value Added Tax Act).

The buyer is responsible for the transport of the purchased/auctioned goods. The buyer is entitled to collect the goods himself or to commission a third party to do so. If required, NetBid will recommend a transport company, which the buyer shall have to commission on its own accord. The buyer shall arrange with the transporter the manner in which the machines are to be safely transported, which vehicles are to be used, etc.

All available information, measurements and any operating resources or hazardous materials shall be made known to the buyer. The buyer must ascertain any supplemental information himself, communicate this to the executing transporter or take such information into consideration when performing transport activities on one's own.

We are not liable for the availability of any necessary loading or lifting material. The use of any existing equipment such as ceiling cranes or forklifts must be approved by the owner and be handled by trained personnel. If there isn't any suitable lifting equipment on site, the buyer must ensure that such equipment is provided himself.

NetBid provides support to customers in handling customs formalities. This however does not release the buyer from any of his obligations as he has commissioned the export himself. Customs paperwork when specifying machines, classifications, sizes and weights on the documentation is a highly meticulous task. If transport companies are involved in the export process, it must be ensured that they observe any fixed border crossing dates.