Online Insolvency Auction

Hospital equipment


Hospital equipment
Centrum Medyczne "Malgorzata" Sp. z o.o.
Chelmonskiego 1
63-100 Srem

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Hospital equipment

Hospital equipment

Item no.: 15474

Fourth quarter 2021

    Auction Type

    Online Project

    On behalf of the insolvency administrator we are auctioning online against highest bid well maintained hospital equipment of the Centrum Medyczne "Malgorzata" Sp. z o.o..

    Fourth quarter 2021

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      Online bidding is possible immediately!

      42 items are put up for auction:
      X-ray apparatus with equipment, Odyssey HF Quest Quantum Medical Imaging, QG-40-3; Mammograf, GE Medical Systems Diamond, MGX 2000; Endoscopic set, Olympus; Respirator, Philips, Trilogy 202; Gastroscope, Olympus, CIF-2T200; Colonoscope, Olympus, CF-200HL; Compression massage apparatus, BOA, PTC 171AD; Endoscopic washer, Wassenburg, WD 440, HUR 3, SP-200; Magnetotherapy set, Easy ASA; Infusion pump, Alaris, IVAC 6000; Patient heating device, 3M, Bair Hugger 775; 3 Oxygen concentrators, Happy Air, type CE 0197, 3L, X-ray film cassettes; 2 Hospital beds, Nova Habys; a.m.o.

    • Contact

      NetBid Polska T (48) 22 636 02 70, Email:

    • Conditions

      The final approval of the offer takes place after its acceptance by the insolvency administrator.

      The Bidder who has received the adjudication under reserve will be bound up with his offer within 14 days.

    machines of the project (3)

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    X-ray film cassettes

    X-ray film cassettes

    Poland, Czestochowa
    auction no.: X15474-20

    EUR 65

    ending 19/10/2021
    at 11:02
    (0 Bids)
    Ultra Viol NGP-31 MZ Negatoscope

    Ultra Viol NGP-31 MZ Negatoscope

    Poland, Czestochowa
    auction no.: X15474-22

    EUR 100

    ending 19/10/2021
    at 11:04
    (0 Bids)
    RADWAG WPT/4B 500C  Bed scale

    RADWAG WPT/4B 500C Bed scale

    Poland, Czestochowa
    auction no.: X15474-27

    EUR 60

    ending 19/10/2021
    at 11:06
    (0 Bids)

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    end date:

    Various Machines

    end date: 19/10/2021 11:02