Complete company Targo Telekom

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Complete company Targo Telekom

Complete company Targo Telekom

Št. ponudba: 13382

Zaključek: 28.3.2019

Začetek: 12:00

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    On behalf of the entitled party we are live auctioning against highest bid, the company Targo Telekom with complete fiber network, including Backbone and Metro network (with all valid licenses and permissions).

    Datum: 28. marec 2019
    Začetek: 12:00

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    • Podrobnosti

      For further technical data, inspection, access to data room, please contact Mr. Weiksler

      The reception of the offer will be awarded with reservation until the approval of the of Serbian Bankruptcy Court!

      Description :
      Targo Telekom is Serbian company that possesses 850 km long optical cable network mainly along the highways in Serbia. It interconnects all major Serbian cities and reaches 4 major border crossings (Croatia, Hungary, Macedonia, Bulgaria). The fifth border crossing to Romania has valid service contract but civil works permit has expired (can be issued again). Targo Telekom possesses also its own metro network in Belgrade and Stara Pazova with total households: 161.000; total companies: 11.642, and Home passed: 90.000 households. They are also connected to all major business centers and industrial zones.

      For more technical data, please follow the link: INVESTMENT TEASER

      Mr Ales Weiksler (German, Englisch, Slovenian und Serbian speaking)
      Tel. +386 40 515 140

      at any time.

    • Kontaktna oseba

      Mr Ales Weiksler (German, Englisch, Slovenian und Serbian speaking)
      Tel. +386 40 515 140

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